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Pakistan Textile Hoodie

Pakistan Textile Hoodie


The captivating tale of Pakistan- Step into a world where fashion becomes a canvas for history, culture, and conscious living. Our Embroidered Textile Map Hoodie is an emblem of Pakistan's heritage, an ode to its cities, and a symbol of unity through art.


Meet Pakistan through a vivid map adorned with textiles and intricate artistry that represents each city across the country. Lahore's renowned embroidery dances across the fabric, a testament to the city's opulent Mughal legacy. Meanwhile, Multan's distinctive block prints intertwine seamlessly, paying homage to its vibrant bazaars and bustling trade routes. The exquisite weave of Karachi reflects the city's coastal allure, while Peshawar's intricate needlework captures the spirit of the frontier.



By adorning yourself with this wearable narrative, you not only embrace the skillful creations of Pakistani artisans but also support their livelihoods in an ethical and meaningful way. Wear it proudly, knowing that you are donning a masterpiece that echoes the past while shaping a meaningul, more sustainable future.

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