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Our emergency appeals support our rapid response initiatives during times of extreme crisis, disaster and urgent aid.

Clean Water

Clean water is the most blessed commodity in life. We increase accessibility to clean water by building solar panel water centres in communities for upto 1000+ families across South Asia and Africa

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WASH Packages

Good health and well-being for all is essential to sustainable development. Our water, sanitation and hygiene packages help marginalized people gain access to essential sanitary items 

Food Aid

We provide nutritious meals and food packages to impoverished families in regions all across North America, Africa, Middle East, and Asia to combat hunger and malnutrition in crisis-hit areas. 

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We pave sustainable livelihoods for refugee women who have suffered severe trauma and loss through psychosocial rehabilitation, mental health workshops and entrepreneurial training.

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Educational Workshops

Our workshops in elementary schools teach vulnerable and underserved students how to manage their mental and physical health. They also teach students how to implement good sanitary practices relating to personal hygiene.

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Emergency Aid

We provide emergency support to crisis-hit areas through short-term and long-term support including WASH, Food Aid, Medical Aid, Cash Grants, Home Reconstruction and Psychosocial Rehabilitation programs for refugees and earthquake victims

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Since we began our mission in 2019, we've changed the lives of over 100,000+ marginalized children, women and men

12 Regions

Our global impact extends over twelve regions across North America, Middle East, South Asia, and Africa


Invested in WASH, Healthcare, Emergency, and Sustainable Livelihood Development programs  worldwide

HayaHelps | Journey to Clean Water: Phase 1 Ep. 1

HayaHelps | Journey to Clean Water: Phase 1 Ep. 1

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Our Impact 

Our Partners and Sponsors 

“No work is insignificant. All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.”

― Martin Luther King Jr.

About Our Foundation

Founded in May 2019

After struggling with OCD, 16 year old Haya found the courage to start a not-for-profit charitable organization dedicated to sharing her privileges and delivering global humanitarian aid to marginalized, low-income, and homeless citizens living in impoverished conditions with a focus on water, sanitation, health-care and hygiene. Through her story, we are devoted to making the world a better place and giving life back to one child, one women, and one family's world. Whether you want to contribute with a donation or get involved, read more about our work and learn how you can make a change today.

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